150 hours

Course Features

  • Course Duration150 hours
  • GenderMale & Female
  • Fee for Workers6,000

Intersection, Interchange & Roundabout Design


150 hours

For Workers



In this course, we will teach you to develop the design of Intersection, Interchange & Roundabout of Road Projects. Those structures are the standard of MOT Saudi Arabia and IRC India(Anyone based on Interested) and also course included the Design, Profile and Quantity calculations of each software. This course also is included the traffic sign control and marking systems.

Technical Studies

  • Design Standards of Intersection
  • Design Standards of Interchange
  • Design Standards of Round abouts
  • Methods and types
  • Traffic sign Markings importance and functions

Work Practice

  • Intersection Design
  • Interchange Design
  • Round abouts Design
  • Traffic sign Development
  • Traffic Marking Development

Software Supports

Auto CAD